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The CoreAlign® was developed in a Physical Therapy clinical setting as a new rehabilitation tool for managing musculoskeletal disorders. It has been created to enable natural flowing full body exercises with independent limb training focusing on:

  • Fully body movement ability while focusing mainly on standing positions and movements
  • Facilitating functional blend of posture, strength (core & abdominals), flexibility, control and body orientation in space
  • Reorganizing movement components to reach the deepest layers of movement foundations and challenging the boundaries of harmonious movement.

CoreAlign is suitable for anyone who:

  • Suffers with movement impairments with discomfort and pain (knee, hip, ankle, foot) 
  • Want to improve their physical ability, feel and appearance (working the body from inside out) 
  • Want to enhance their performance in athletics.

CoreAlign® sessions are scheduled around you as much as possible. We do prefer for you to come in for a free 30-45 minute screening and consultation first.  This will enable us to go through your health and fitness history and to discuss any pathologies you may have.  We will also discuss your goals and observe how your body is moving.  If you’re currently seeing an Osteopath or Physiotherapist we will need your permission to contact them prior to commencing the Private session.

Discounts are available for block bookings on 5 or 10 sessions. 

For more information on availability and pricing contact us.

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