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This class will commence again on Thursday 3rd October with Angela Merlino

During the Pre Natal period

Exercise is important during pregnancy on a number of levels but it is vital that it is the right sort of exercise. Safety and effectiveness must be married together perfectly and Pilates is the ideal discipline to use to prepare for labour & birth. It's also an excellant way to get back into shape after giving birth. It's good to do Pilates during pregnancy too: 

  • Prevent back pain
  • To help with labour
  • Work towards a shorter time in labour
  • Work towards a smaller separation in rectus diastasis 
  • Prevent shoulder pain (especially in Post Natal).

During the Pre Natal period not only would we like to accomplish the above but also prepare the mum to be for the obstacles of the upcoming labour. With the help of the Pilates exercises, we can create a real sense of calm. We hope our clients accomplish inner clarity and peacefulness through the release of the body by keeping the mind involved with the movements of the body. Through the release of the body, the mind finds inner peace. As the pregnant woman feels peaceful, her anxiety about the birth process diminishes. She will find it easier to concentrate on her contractions while blocking out other elements. 

Pilates finds a way to refine the movements of the body and the breath to create a smarter more aware self.

During the Post Natal period (the 4th Trimester)

This period is one of restoration and during these tender weeks the body will be adjusting to stretched muscles and a change in centre of gravity. Multiple issues can occur from episiotomy or cesarean so guidelines on when to start back to exercise can be vague and is largely dependent on the birth experience & fitness level. 

Back & shoulder pain can start in the 4th trimester from holding the baby and breast-feeding. So the work we put in during the Pre Natal period is essential here. The functional well-being and strengthening of the inner unit is also important during this time. 

NB: During the 4th Trimester, a time for providing the needs of the infant, if a choice between rest and exercise, the mother must rest.

Our Pre & Post Natal classes have no more than 6 people in a class, which keeps them small enough to adapt exercises accordingly to each individual ability and fitness level. To join our Pre & Post Natal classes you will need to come in for a free screening and consultation

NB: Please note if you are expecting and have never taken Pilates before this is not the time to start. You should never start a new form of exercise when pregnant.

We have the following weekly Pre & Post Natal Class:

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